My name is M.Borgella and I am a Visual Artist, graphic designer, illustrator and the owner of Yes Lioness.Com! Like most children I discovered Art in kindergarten and by the ripe old age of 5, I realized that it was my calling.

Nothing else has ever given me quite the same sense of joy, fulfillment & accomplishment that Art has. At first I created as entertainment and exploration for myself, but as I began to see the effect that my creations had on others it became so much more important. By the time I was 14 years old I knew that being a professional Artist was my ideal career path. So the girl from Brooklyn, New York decided to venture into unchartered territory and I attended the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan. I went on to pursue my Bachelors of Fine Art Degree in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York City and graduated in 1996. After college I began working as a freelance illustrator but quickly realized that there were not many projects out there that matched my particular passions & perspective (Ha, Ha!) so I began creating my own line of everyday gifts to appeal to people like me. As an African-American Woman I felt very proud of who I was but also largely under represented in the Art & fashion world. I was a brown woman, with natural hair, not built like a model, or having perfectly straight teeth ;-P I knew very well that I did not fit many people’s standard of beauty. Yet I still knew that my inner & outer beauty were uncommon and I Iearned to appreciate, applaud & affirm myself through my Art & style.

In my eyes It was plain to see that there were thousands of women like me who deserved admiration and appreciation. I knew that they could benefit from my vision. So Yes Lioness was born in 2003. Yes Lioness is a one woman, home-based design company that I created to show the Women of the world how Amazing, Beautiful & Magical we are and can be. My mission is to create images that show people who they really are, the person who they want to be, are meant to be and in many ways, already are. BEAUTIFUL does not have to be “perfect” ! So, Yes Lioness is about your Bold, Beautiful & Badass Self!

I currently operate out of Atlanta, Georgia and I am an online retailer only. Yes Lioness is not a corporation, with a staff and an order fulfillment facility. Yes Lioness is a specialty brand, where products are made to order with Great aspirations and A LOT OF HEART! It is my life’s work to create & share images with the world that uplift & inspire and I infuse every piece & package with the touch of my spirit and brush stroke of my light. If you allow my work into your life, you will find that it will reveal to you an aspect of your natural beauty that you may not have fully appreciated, and an aspect of your greatness that you deeply want to reveal.

I look forward to serving you with the highest degree of excellence in the future!


For the Lioness You Know, for the Empress You Love, For the Goddess You Are!